Proposal on Two Way Use of Disastrous Information by Personal Computer Communication.

- A case study of Typhoon 9313 -

Motoyuki Ushiyama* and Syuji Kitazawa**


Temporary BBS (Bulletin Board System) was opened on major personal computer network, NIFTY-Serve in September 1993. This BBS aimed to exchange informations about Typhoon 9313. In three days about 200 messages were submitted to this BBS from all of Japan. Reference numbers of messages submitted at the time of landing of typhoon. Their main topics were about member's surroundings, the location and power of typhoon and traffic information. This BBS had never been advertised enough, nevertheless many messages were submitted in a few days from wide area. BBS is available in collecting disastrous informations. We propose opening a BBS on disaster by its specialists.

Key words: Personal computer communication, BBS, disaster information, typhoon

* The United Graduate School of Agricultural Science, Gifu University (In Shinsyu University)
**@Department of Forest Science, Faculty of Agriculture, Shinsyu University.